The most important thing to do to prepare for a spray tan is exfoliate thoroughly 24hrs beforehand paying particular interest to the drier areas such as elbows, knees, back of the feet etc. Exfoliating helps provide an even coverage and prolongs your tan.
Please exfoliate with an oil-free scrub as oil creates a barrier on the skin and can stop the tan from developing properly. We highly recommend using the Coconut Body Polish created by Fake Bake as it specifically formulated to improve absorption and will not leave a soap residue that can prevent even penetration of the tanning product.


Be completely free from deodorant, moisturisers, perfume and make-up before your session. What you wear during your spray tan appointment is entirely your choice, many clients prefer to go completely nude to avoid tan lines but you can wear a bikini or underwear of your choice. Your technician can also provide you with disposable underwear if you require.


Please let me know if you are on any medication, have any skin conditions or severe asthma.



1. Wear loose, dark clothing, sandals or flip flops.
2. Keep skin completely dry and avoid water contact.
3. If you are having the 60 minute lotion allow tan to develop 1-3 hours.
4. If you are using the original/dark lotion allow tan to develop for at least 6-8 hours (overnight if possible).


1. Avoid other beauty/hair treatments whilst your tan is developing.
2. Avoid activities that cause perspiration.
3. After tan has developed rinse off remaining guide colour with warm/hot water and gently wash with mild soap.
4. Avoid products that contain hydroxy acids (AHA’s) as they can fade your tan.
5. Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can fade your tan prematurely.


To maintain your tan have light showers, pat yourself dry (no scrubbing or rubbing) and keep your skin well moisturised. We recommend using the Coconut Oil Free Moisturiser created by Fake Bake as it offers superb hydration for the skin without oil, whilst improving absorption of your tan. Ideal for both face and body, it contains Pro Vitamin B5 to help moisturise the skin post tanning and is fragranced with the delicious scent of coconut.