12 x St Moriz Tanning Mousse Dark



Multipack, Money saving listing consisting of 12 x St Moriz Tanning Mousse Dark. For a healthy bronzed tan all year round Instant bronzing Longer lasting Fast drying No streaks A professional flawless tan for a deeper sunkissed glow Suitable for all skin types If you are looking to achieve a deeper coloured tan, St. Moriz Dark is perfect for you! A unique blend of active tanning agents work their magic, leaving you with a beautiful, deep bronze, natural looking tan! Try More… Top up your tan and add even more glamour with St. Moriz Shimmering Souffle and Bronzing Powder! How to Apply After much practice the St. Moriz team get the best results when they; Moisturise dry areas of the skin (ie knees, elbows, hands ankles, feet and hairline) and allow to dry. Wear gloves or use a tanning applicator, it helps avoid coloured palms! Shake (closed bottle!) well before use and then apply evenly, in a circular motion onto a the body and face. Wash hands and any applicators immediately after use. Then you are good to glow! Top Tips Avoid any mess; do not pump on or allow the mousse to come into contact with carpet, furniture, walls or fabrics. Accidents happen; any splashes should be cleaned immediately. May stain light hair, wool or fabrics, so try and avoid! Make sure you are dry before getting dressed or going to bed and pat off any excess colour with a dark towel. Best to avoid coming into contact with any fabrics until you feel completely dry. After we have applied our mousse, we like to wear loose dark clothing, it helps to avoid annoying white marks! Tan and take it easy; for best results, allow 4-6 hours before showering ,perspiring, applying sun tan lotion or going for a swim. Housekeeping, boring we know! Wipe clean the nozzle and bottle before storing away in a cool place. Take control of your own tanning experience, as more applications will leave you with a more intense and darker tan, without even having to go near a beach!

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