he-shi Ultra Smooth Reusable and Washable Tanning Mitt



Every self tanners must have!
The he-shi Ultra Smooth Reusable and Washable Tanning Mitt is designed for self-tan application with a special lotion-proof barrier (2 barriers) for stain-free hands.
Made especially to work with He-Shi products, this tan mitt has a double barrier to protect the skin on the hands during tanning.
This mitt glides over the skin, is fully flexible for tanning tricky areas and provides superior coverage of tanning lotion.
Use this patented self-tan applicator mitt to achieve the very best application of he-shi tanning products.
Works with any he-shi product whether it’s our express liquid, foaming mousse or tanning gel.
Place hand inside the tan mitt and pour sufficient he-shi product onto the flocked foam surface.
Using gentle sweeping movements, massage the lotion onto the skin.
Repeat if necessary.
Reusable and Machine washable at 30°C
Do not bleach or tumble dry


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